Stay At Home Drug Detox

Stay at home drug detox might seem like the best idea especially because undergoing detoxification could make you feel ill and expose you to some adverse withdrawal symptoms. However, there are cases against this option when it comes to addiction recovery

The Dangers of Stay at Home Drug Detox

If you have been abusing some drugs, there is a high risk that you could suffer some serious medical distress once you start undergoing detoxification. For instance, Psychology Today reports that alcohol detox could present you to severe symptoms ā€“ some of which could lead to medical emergencies. Many of these symptoms could appear a couple of hours after your last drink. They may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cardiovascular collapse
  • DTs or delirium tremens
  • Fever
  • Hallucinations
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Racing heart
  • Seizures
  • Severe confusion
  • Shakes
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Vomiting

In many cases, these symptoms will turn out to be even more severe several hours after your last drink. They could also last for a couple of weeks. At some point, you will inevitably feel tempted to start drinking again.

The Importance of Drug and Alcohol Detox

However, it is still possible for you to engage in a stay at home drug detox. According to Mayo Clinic, detox refers to any period of time during which you stop abusing your substances of choice as safely and as quickly as possible.

Although every drug requires that you take a different approach to detox, doctors now recommend medically supervised detoxification in a hospital or drug rehab facility. This could save you from many of the dangers that come with a stay at home drug detox.

When you take the right route to full detoxification, you will give your body the opportunity it needs to completely get rid of the toxins and substances that are in it. This could also help you set the stage for further addiction treatment.

By starting your drug/alcohol rehabilitation process in this way, you could also potentially decrease your risk of relapse. You may also be able to increase the chances that your treatment will be successful.

Other Risks of Stay at Home Drug Detox

There are many other risks that you stand to run when you opt for a stay at home drug detox. However, none is quite as dangerous as the fact that detoxing at home could increase your risk of relapse.

While at home, your sense of sobriety and recovery would typically be vulnerable. This is because you could easily:

  • Beg for drugs from your friends
  • Buy drugs on the street
  • Buy drugs over the internet
  • Get alcohol from your local store
  • Steal drugs from your family and friends

You will also have at your disposal all the drug use methods that you counted on when you were still addicted. Further, there is a high potential that you might be overwhelmed by the continued urge to start using drugs and drinking alcohol again.

Benefits of Medically Managed Detox

Checking into a medical center for detoxification services is the best alternative. Apart from reducing the dangers of stay at home drug detox, it could also provide you with many other benefits.

For instance, you will get access to several therapeutic techniques that could help you manage your drug cravings. Some medical detox centers can even provide you with support groups and medications to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.

Additionally, the isolated environment in most medical detox centers will ensure that you cannot buy or order drugs or alcohol. This is because drugs cannot get into these facilities.

If your motivation for recovery is still low, checking into an inpatient detox center could also improve your chances of success. This is something that might not always happen with a stay at home drug detox.