Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Alaska

The rate of death from a drug overdose has been rising in Alaska as well as in the rest of the United States. This problem continues claiming many lives ā€“ irrespective of the economic or social background of the victims.

Addiction Rates in Alaska

There are many substances of abuse in Alaska. In particular, the state has seen an upsurge in the rates of marijuana use and abuse by young people. This is not surprising considering that Alaska is now classified as one of the main marijuana exporting states in the country. The state also produces marijuana of a higher quality that can be found in other states.

Recent reports have shown that more than 21 percent of all high school students in Alaska have used marijuana at least once in their lives. Although this drug is not considered to be high risk, it is worrying that more young people are abusing it.

The other substance-related problem plaguing Alaska involves polydrug use and abuse. This occurs when someone takes more than two psychoactive and intoxicating substances.

In particular, many Alaskans often combine methamphetamines and heroin ā€“ which further increases their danger of suffering from the adverse effects of both of these classes of drugs.

The state also exports this drug combination all across the United States. When this happens, methamphetamines and heroin are shipping from the small communities of Alaska to large cities such as Juneau.

Although Alaska has such a major drug-related problem, most of its addicts do not have adequate recourse. Small villages do not provide any haven and addiction has plagued them as much as big cities across the state.

The Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit at the Bureau of Investigation of Alaska has also found that alcohol and drug abuse are the main factors contributing to violent crime in the state ā€“ including but not limited to property crimes, assault, and accidental death.

Addiction Treatment in Alaska

If you are looking for help in the state, it is highly likely that you will meet several roadblocks before you can achieve full recovery. For starters, Alaska has few facilities providing addiction treatment and rehabilitation services.

Additionally, most of these centers are either overburdened or they have long waiting lists. Further, communities have been struggling to access proper resources. At the same time, Alaska has few drug programs.

Even so, if you are struggling with a substance use disorder in Alaska, the state can help you achieve full recovery from your addiction. Alternatively, you have the option of going out of state to get the help that you need.

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