Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Alabama

Alabama has some unique drug and alcohol-related problems, although some of these issues are being mirrored across the rest of the United States. This is surprising considering that drug use was primarily considered to be an urban issue some decades ago.

Unfortunately, the past few years have seen a permeation of drugs from urban to rural areas. Today, cities are not the main crisis areas with regards to addiction.

Addiction Rates in Alabama

Alabama has been affected by the urban drug sprawl over the past couple of years. The state has a mix of both rural and urban areas. This is why it is not entirely surprising that illicit drug industries have expanded across the state. This problem has created more dependencies and substance use disorders among residents.

For instance, what was once considered to be a problem that only affected Birmingham and Mobile has now found its way to other small rural towns scatted across the span and breadth of Alabama.

Although there are many pockets of farmland scattered across the state, research studies have now found that opioid medications are prescribed at higher rates in Alabama than in any other American state.

A good example is Jefferson County that is located some 20 minutes or so from Birmingham. Even so, the community in this county is fairly rural. However, it was still rocked by more than 50 fatalities involving heroin in 2012.

Another example is Jasper. This rural area is located about an hour away from Birmingham. It has about 67000 people with a large majority of white working-class women – the demographic that has been hit the hardest by the drug crisis across the United States.

Addiction Treatment in Alabama

Prescription drug abuse has been ranked as the fastest growing substance-related problem in Alabama. To counter this crisis, the state created a CSPD – Controlled Substances Prescription Database – in 2006. The role of the database is to help in combating this form of substance abuse.

The state also has other enforcement efforts designed to reduce the rates of prescription drug abuse among residents. Even so, doctor shopping and pill mills continue contributing to this crisis.

At the same time, the Alabama Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup shows that alcohol and drug abuse are still major issues that the state has to contend with. Luckily, there are programs like CMEA – the Combating Methamphetamine Epidemic Act – that are designed to reduce and eliminate the rates of substance abuse.

If you have a substance use disorder, Alabama has several drug rehabs that can provide you with the addiction treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery services that you need to overcome it.

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