Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Arkansas

Alcohol and drug abuse has been rising steadily in Arkansas as well as in the rest of the United States. This is not surprising especially when you consider that substance abuse and addiction do not discriminate by ethnicity, race, gender, or age.

Addiction Rates in Arkansas

Arkansas has seen its own share of substance abuse problems. Although the state has relatively low rates of drug and alcohol use than the total averages at the national level, this is not always the case for some substances.

For instance, while cocaine and alcohol abuse at on the down low in this state, Arkansas still ranks high in terms of the abuse of inhalants and methamphetamines. These drugs are more commonly abused in Arkansas than in the rest of the United States.

The opioid epidemic is also being felt in the state. In fact, this problem is so prevalent that Arkansas has been ranked as having the 25th highest fatality rate linked to prescription drugs in the country.

For instance, Arkansas reported in 2014 that it lost over 400 lives to prescription opioids. This accounted for over one death a day. Further, the state experienced an increase of 9.7 percent in the total number of deaths related to opioids from 2014 to 2015.

Today, experts believe that this increase in deaths linked to opioids has been as a result of the wide availability of and easy access to heroin on the streets of Arkansas. Recent reports have also shown that the heroin apprehended in the state is often laced with horse tranquilizers and other dangerous intoxicating substances like fentanyl. This is shocking especially because fentanyl is sometimes anywhere between 50 and 100 times as strong as morphine.

Addiction Treatment in Arkansas

Drug and alcohol abuse affects people of every ethnicity, gender, race, and age group in and around Arkansas. However, data from across the state has shown that men have a higher likelihood of suffering an overdose death than women.

Even so, it is crucial to remember that most illnesses related to alcohol and drugs can be solved through effective and holistic addiction treatment. The state has several facilities that provide these treatment services.

If you suspect or know that you might have a substance use disorder, a co-occurring mental health disorder, or any other substance-related condition in Arkansas, you should seek help for it from any of these drug rehab centers.


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