Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Arizona

Substance use and abuse have been posing compelling threats to Arizona’s public health. NIDA – the National Institute on Drug Abuse – has also reported that the levels of illicit substance abuse in the state have been on an increase.

Addiction Rates in Arizona

Arizona has been far from immune from the drug and alcohol abuse patterns being witnessed in the rest of the United States. For instance, studies have shown that the total number of hospital admissions related to opioids increased in 2012 and 2013 especially in Maricopa County. Additionally, the total number of hospital admissions for a drug-related problem has been rising steadily in Arizona within the last 10 years.

Another study provided a statewide analysis that shown that the opioid crisis in Arizona has not been discriminating by age. This is because every age group in the state has witnessed an increase in the total number of hospital admissions linked to both heroin and prescription opioids.

Although Arizona has been putting in the work to curb this opioid epidemic, the Department of Health Services released data showing that opioid death and overdose rates have been increasing at record-breaking rates.

From 2013 through to 2014, for instance, overdose deaths linked to these substances increased by 16 percent. At the same time, heroin overdoses increased by 44 percent – a startling number even for a state like Arizona.

These figures showed that young adults were the most affected by the opioid crisis while men had the highest likelihood of losing their lives as a result of a drug overdose involving opioids.

Experts have been attributing the rising rates of drug-related overdose deaths to Fentanyl. This drug is classified as a synthetic opioid and it is anywhere between 50 and 100 times as strong as morphine.

Addiction Treatment in Arizona

There are several excellent addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Arizona. However, the mental health community does not seem to be well prepared to deal with the rising cases of illnesses related to opioids and heroin.

Even so, you can check into these rehab centers in the state to start on the road to recovery from your substance use disorder. This is because Arizona has accredited several drug rehabs to provide the right support and recovery services to ensure its residents have recourse to their addiction.


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