Alcohol and Drug Addiction in California

California has been affected by the substance abuse epidemic that is being witnessed across the United States. Today, this epidemic has affected local residents of every ethnicity, gender, race, and age.

Addiction Rates in California

Although opioids are cited as the most commonly abused drug in California, it is not the only substance that has been contributing to the drug-related problems in the state. Experts have even estimated that over 3 million Californians abuse drugs on a daily basis.

Similarly, other figures have shown that the state loses at least 11 lives every day as a result of substance abuse. This effectively means that drug use is the number 1 killer in the state. In this sense, it comes ahead of firearm incidents, homicides, suicides, and car accidents.

On the other hand, over 40,000 visits to emergency visits in California are linked to drugs and alcohol. This means that these substance-related problems cost the California economy several millions of dollars every year.

For instance, California estimated that it spends over $60 million every year providing housing services to inmates who have been incarcerated as a result of trafficking and abusing marijuana alone.

The state continues to struggle with various substances of abuse. In 2015 alone, the following were seized in California:

  • Cocaine (18,000 pounds)
  • Ecstasy (300,000 pills)
  • Heroin (800 pounds)
  • Marijuana (413,000 pounds)
  • Meth (5,000 pounds)

Since there are many global shipping ports in California, it means that criminals have an easy time smuggling drugs into the United States through this state before distributing them among local residents.

Addiction Treatment in California

Studies conducted in California and in the rest of the country have shown that substance use disorders can be managed and treated through a multidisciplinary approach. Today, there are several facilities in the state providing recovery services to its residents.

If you have a substance use disorder and/or a co-occurring mental health disorder, you should check into any of California’s addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities to get the help that you require.

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