Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Colorado

The entire United States – including even Colorado – has been affected by the substance abuse crisis. Every local community has also been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Addiction Rates in Colorado

According to NIDA – the National Institute on Drug Abuse – overdoses as a result of abusing illicit drugs have been causing the greatest number of accidental deaths in this state. In this sense, these overdoses claim more lives than firearms and car accidents.

This high increase in the fatality rates in Colorado is directly linked to heroin, prescription pain relief medications, and synthetic opioids. Today, these drugs comprise close to 60 percent of all the deaths arising from drug overdoses.

At the same time, Colorado has experienced more drug overdose deaths than the total national average. The Colorado Health Institute also released a report showing that every single county suffered an increase in drug overdose deaths.

In Arapahoe County, however, the rate of overdose more than doubled within a span of 14 years. Over 75 percent of these deaths were as a result of opioid drugs like heroin and prescription medications. Further, 12 Colorado counties reported the highest rates of death from a drug overdose in the entire United States.

Even some legal substances like alcohol have been taking their toll on Colorado. The Robert Wood Foundation reported that over 1/3 of all the residents of Routt and Pitkin counties engaged in unhealthy and unsafe drinking levels.

Data from the federal government also shows that the state is the only one in the entire union that reports heavy consumption of opioids, cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. These are the 4 major intoxicants in the United States.

Addiction Treatment in Colorado

Although Colorado has been making efforts to deal with the drug epidemic, the public health system has not been successful in reducing the total rate of drug overdose deaths in the state.

Additionally, more than 85 percent of people with substance use disorders in this state do not receive the addiction treatment and recovery services that they require. This means that many of them do never recover from their addictions.

However, there are several facilities that provide comprehensive recovery services in Colorado. If you suspect or know that you might be addicted in Colorado, you should check into one of these centers to get help for your substance use disorder.


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