Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Delaware

Several communities both small and large in Delaware have been crippled by the drug and alcohol abuse and addiction menace. Although drugs were once thought of as a problem for cities, many small towns have found that drugs in general and opioids in particular are increasingly affecting their residents.

Addiction Rates in Delaware

Unfortunately, this problem has made its way to various towns all through Delaware. The unfortunate thing is that the northern half of Delaware seems to have greater access to addiction treatment and rehabilitation services while the southern half continues struggling with similar rates of substance abuse and addiction.

Although all drugs of abuse cause various problems, heroin has led to the highest rates of addiction in Delaware. This is not surprising considering that it is widely available and plentiful throughout the state. The largest heroin supply base in Delaware, however, is Wilmington.

For many years now, studies have shown that the purity of the heroin that is being sold and bought in Delaware ranges from 19 to 87 percent. On average, the purity of this drug was at 50 percent.

Unfortunately, most of the residents of Delaware who are fighting pain from chronic health issues and surgery often receive a prescription for a strong opioid medication. After some time of using these drugs, they often find that they have developed a substance use disorder.

Eventually, they switch from prescription opioid pain relief medications to heroin. This is because heroin is cheaper and more widely available. For instance, it is easy to buy a bag of heroin that is at least 67 percent pure in Delaware for about $3.

However, most of the people who use this drug are never sure about the amount of heroin that they take. This means that they always run a risk of suffering a drug overdose that could potentially turn out to be fatal.

Addiction Treatment in Delaware

In Delaware like in many other parts of the United States, addiction still carries a stigma even today. This problem has prevent many of its residents from getting help for their substance use disorder.

However, the state has several facilities that offer comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. If you suspect that you might be addicted in Delaware, you should check into these centers to get recovery help.


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