Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Georgia

The rates of alcohol and drug abuse in Georgia and in the rest of the country have been rising at alarming rates. Additionally, fatalities arising from drug overdoses are increasingly becoming commonplace. This is surprising considering that some parts of the state that did not previously have a drug problem now have several.

Addiction Rates in Georgia

Historically, the state of Georgia has been famed for its progressive and academic thinking even though it is deep in the American South. In the past few years, unfortunately, it has been affected by the drug epidemic that the rest of the country has been struggling with.

Although it seems that other states like Delaware started struggling with an addiction crisis almost overnight, the drug menace in Georgia has been taking place for several decades now.

This issue is further compounded by the fact that the metropolitan part of Georgia – Atlanta – has been sprawling. With the development and expansion of the city, drug problems have been spreading to neighboring communities.

Although other states are affected by 1 or 2 interdependent drugs of abuse, the case in Georgia is different. In this state, there is no single drug abuse and addiction issue. From heroin to cocaine, substance abuse has become endemic in Georgia.

For instance, the rates of comorbidity – where substance abuse occurs at the same time as addiction – have been shooting up. The sad thing is that many of the addicts in Georgia do not receive the help that they need for their substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. This means that recovery is nearly impossible for them.

Drugs are also easily accessible in this state. As a result, many people end up abusing several drugs and developing more than one addiction. This means that they have a difficult time overcoming their conditions.

Like the rest of the United States, addicts in Georgia from every background. Today, even professionals with white-collar jobs struggle with substance use disorders in this state. These include but are not limited to college professors, athletes, and doctors.

Addiction Treatment in Georgia

In 2010, Georgia lost 4 people to a drug overdose. By 2014, this number had increased to 77 – one of the most alarming increases for a state the size of Georgia. Additionally, heroin was linked to 82 deaths in Georgia.

Luckily, treatment facilities here are numerous even though it can be challenging to access the services that they provide. Even so, you should try to overcome your substance use disorder by enrolling into these addiction rehabilitation centers in Georgia as soon as you realize that you might have a drug or alcohol-related problem.


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