Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Hawaii

Various states like Hawaii have been adding to the growing epidemic levels involving drug and alcohol addiction and overdoses in the country. This is not surprising considering just how alarmingly efficient and intricate the pipelines in between different states have become for the past few years.

Additionally, people looking to relieve themselves from their daily struggles and stresses have also been self-medicating for chronic pain. Eventually, many of them find that they have developed substance use disorders involving alcohol and prescription drugs.

Addiction Facts in Hawaii

Although Hawaii is an island that is apart from the US mainland, it is not the safe haven from drugs that many people would assume. As the rest of the country continues battling heroin and opioid addiction, Hawaii has been facing a deadly meth threat.

The National Substance Abuse Index now reports that crystal methamphetamine – also known as ice – the primary drug threat in the state. In fact, Hawaii has the leading races of ice use (per capita) in the entire country.

The use of meth in Hawaii is also linked with relatively high crime rates. Additionally, it is associated with child abuse and neglect, homicide, and domestic abuse. This is not entirely surprising considering that crystal meth in the state is sometimes as pure as 95 percent.

The meth pipeline in Hawaii is also shocking with parcel services, couriers, and some of the members of the US Postal Service transporting the drug into the state from mainland US. The islands also have a prevalence of meth labs seizures particularly involving small conversion labs.

Although methamphetamine is the main drug of abuse in Hawaii, there are other substances causing problems for state residents. These include opioids, cocaine, and marijuana – the latter of which is commonly abused by young people.

Addiction Treatment in Hawaii

Hawaii has also been classified as a HIDTA – a high-intensity drug trafficking area. Its isolated location means that drug dealers and smugglers have an easy time transporting their supplies into the state without being detected.

As a response to the drug crisis, the state has prepared analytical reports designed to educate citizens on the dangers and adverse consequences of substance use and abuse. It also has several bottom-up and top-down approaches to addiction treatment.

The state has also received grants to study substance abuse trends and to prepare and modify recovery programs accordingly. Further, there are several addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Hawaii that can help local residents overcome their substance use disorders.


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