Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Idaho

Idaho, which is located in the American Midwest, has been making national headlines with its rising death rates linked to drugs and alcohol. Statistics for addiction have also been skyrocketing for several years now.

Addiction Facts in Idaho

Idaho was at one time known for its meth struggles. However, it is like many other American states in the sense that heroin and opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions for several years now. In fact, these drugs are now the most commonly abused substances in Idaho.

The state has also been variously referred to as a heroin tsunami. This is because the drug has been destroying lives, increasing the state’s death rates, and adding to the struggles that Idaho faces in its battle against substance abuse and addiction.

Even though the death rates linked to drugs in Idaho are lower than national averages, it is still alarming that these problems have been increasing. This is particularly true because the state has a small population in comparison to others in the Union.

The small population, in particular, means that there is less funding for assistance with addiction in Idaho. Over the past few years, for instance, more than 95,000 people (about 5 percent of the state population) admitted that they were dependent on alcohol.

An additional 9 percent of Idahoans reported that they drank heavily on a regular basis. Further, about 5 percent of local residents admitted that they used or were dependent on illicit drugs.

These numbers have also been on the rise for many years now. However, none has been growing quite as fast as the statistics relating to opioid use, abuse, and addiction. For example, 16 percent of Idaho’s high school students reported using opioids for nonmedical reasons.

Many of the residents of Idaho also abuse heroin. This is because the drug is easy to obtain at an affordable cost. It also provides effects that are similar to those derived from opioids like prescription pain relief medications.

Addiction Treatment in Idaho

Idaho has been focusing most of its efforts to deescalate the drug crisis on the Treasure Valley area that encompassed major cities like Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell. The state has also tried to curb the movement of drugs into its borders.

Further, Idaho has developed programs and studies to try alleviate the drug and alcohol abuse problem affecting some of its residents. For instance, it has programs like Lock Your Meds Idaho designed to decrease prescription medication abuse and addiction. The state also passed House Bill 108 allowing naloxone to be used in emergencies involving opioid overdoses.

Finally, there are addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Idaho that can help you overcome your substance use disorder. The best way to benefit from these centers is to check in as soon as you realize that you have been abusing drugs or alcohol.


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