Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Illinois

Illinois has been experiencing the ravages of substance abuse being seen all over the United States. Every year, alcohol and drug use continues claiming many lives in the state. In particular, the past few years have seen an increase in the number of overdose deaths linked to heroin, benzodiazepines, cocaine, alcohol, and prescription opioids.

Addiction Facts in Illinois

Like the rest of the country, opioid and prescription drug abuse have become a common crisis in Illinois. In particular, the state faces an intense epidemic involving prescription drugs.

This is not surprising considering that most of the people who are addicted to these drugs have a family history of ongoing prescription medication abuse. This inevitably makes them predisposed to start abusing and become addicted to these medications.

Others, however, start taking prescriptions for a legitimate reason. For instance, they might have received a prescription for help with pain and surgical recovery. However, most of these drugs are so powerful that the patients eventually find that they have developed a substance use disorder without their knowledge.

In particular, residents of Illinois report addictions involving potent drugs like OxyContin, Dulotin, Percocet, and their derivatives. Eventually, many of them switch to heroin abuse because heroin is commonly available at affordable prices.

Often, these addicts have a difficult time controlling their use of heroin and prescription drugs. This often leads to an accidental overdose. In fact, NIDA ā€“ the National Institute on Drug Abuse ā€“ has reported that heroin is among the main drug threats in the state, especially within the Chicago area.

Alcohol is also prevalent in the state. For instance, the Office of Adolescent Health in Illinois reported that more than 38 percent of its high school students used this substance in the 30 days during a study they conducted. Of these students, about 36 percent first received alcohol from an adult. An additional 26 percent reported that they have been in a car with a drunk driver at least once during the study.

Addiction Treatment in Illinois

Statistics, especially those involving drug overdose deaths, show that trends in Illinois have been worsening for several years now. The abuse of heroin and prescription medications have also reached crisis levels.

Legislators in the state have been trying to deal with the alcohol and drug crisis. For example, they have passed the Heroin Crisis Act designed to reduce and prevent the total number of heroin overdoses reported in Illinois.

The state also has many clinics, hospitals, and specialized addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers that help local residents overcome their substance use disorders. You can check into one of these facilities to get the assistance you need to achieve full recovery from your addiction.


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