Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Kansas

 In the United States as well as in most states like Kansas, many people continue struggling with substance use disorders involving various drugs. Some of these people end up succumbing to the grip of their addictions while others lose their lives as a result.

In many cases, residents of Kansas suffer from their addictions because they do not access treatment and recovery services. Often, this is because they do not have access to the right form of recovery services. However, some do not go for treatment because of the fear and stigma linked to rehabilitation in Kansas.

Addiction Facts in Kansas

The National Substance Abuse Index reports that substance abuse is a common struggle for many residents in Kansas. Another study performed in 2015 on young people in the state showed that death rates and drug overdoses more than quadrupled during the preceding 12 years. However, drug-related deaths and overdoses were more common among males aged between 12 and 25 years.

Recent data has also indicated that the state suffers 5.9 drug-related overdose deaths for every 100000 young people. Even though this rate is way below the total average at the national level, it is still high enough to be troubling.

Currently, the most significant substance threat in Kansas is methamphetamine. This is according to a report published by the US Department of Justice. This is because meth is locally produced. As such, it is often readily available and at affordable prices.

The state also receives additional supplies of the drug from Mexican criminal groups living in the Southwestern United States and in California. As a result, methamphetamine is available always everywhere in the state.

The 2nd biggest drug threat in Kansas is cocaine. Although you can find cocaine anywhere in the state, crack cocaine is often available in Kansas’s urban areas and populous cities. There are also local cocaine dealers within the state who continue contributing to the drug menace.

Addiction Treatment in Kansas

Kansas has been trying to combat the drug crisis affecting its residents and public health system. It has put several programs in place to control, eradicate, and prevent the substance abuse problem in the state – particularly among its youth.

However, there is no Good Samaritan law in Kansas. This means that people who report a drug overdose incident might run the risk of getting arrested if the overdose was caused by an illicit drug.

Finally, there are several facilities providing addiction treatment and rehabilitation services in Kansas. If you are addicted, these centers can help you overcome your substance use disorder.

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