Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Kentucky

Kentucky has increasingly been reporting more overdose fatalities involving various classes of drugs over the past few years. Today, treatment providers, health professionals, and law enforcement agencies have been reviewing state statistics involving drugs and alcohol to create workable solutions.

Addiction Facts in Kentucky

Kentucky has been experiencing an increase in the rates of overdose deaths and many other adverse consequences of drug and alcohol abuse more than most of the other states in the union.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader report, overdose deaths reached a record high in 2015 within the state. From 2014 to 205, drug overdoses claimed as many as 200 lives in some parts of Kentucky.

Many of these overdose deaths were attributed to fentanyl. As more toxicology and autopsy reports become available in Kentucky, it is increasingly becoming likely that these fentanyl-related deaths might rise in the following few years.

For instance, the drug was responsible for 420 deaths in 2015 from about 121 deaths the previous year. This is not surpassing especially considering that the drug is usually laced with heroin.

Apart from fentanyl, Kentucky has also seen an increase in the rates of methamphetamine abuse and addiction by its residents. In recent years, the United States has been producing more meth than Mexico ā€“ meaning that more people in Kentucky are able to access this drug at affordable prices.

Law enforcement officials have also been having a difficult time tracking, investigating, curtailing, and apprehending methamphetamine in Kentucky. This has led to an increase in the sales of meth in the state as well as within its Ohio River Valley.

Another major drug problem that Kentucky grapples with involves marijuana. Most of the marijuana that is available in the state is exported to Washington, Ohio, and Illinois while some of it is abused locally.

After marijuana, cocaine is the most threatening substance in the state. In eastern Kentucky, small communities often traffic the drug because they are located in a rural area.

Addiction Treatment in Kentucky

Kentucky has seen an explosion of several drugs ā€“ especially methamphetamines. This means that it is increasingly becoming difficult for law enforcement officials to keep up with punitive actions and investigations.

However, the state has funneled the great majority of its grant management towards the treatment and prevention of substance abuse and addiction. There is also a Good Samaritan Law in place designed to protect anyone who reports an overdose incident.

Finally, Kentucky has several facilities providing comprehensive addiction recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation services to addicts in need. If you have a substance use disorder, these facilities can help you achieve full recovery.


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