Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Louisiana

Louisiana has been dealing with substance abuse and addiction problems for several decades now. In recent years, however, the state has witnessed an increase in the rates of overdose deaths involving opioids.

Many of its residents have also been struggling with addictions involving the abuse of prescription drugs, carfentanil, and fentanyl. These drugs are now considered to be highly dangerous.

Addiction Facts in Louisiana

Several substances pose different but similarly significant threats in this state. A report from 2015, however, showed that cocaine was the most prevent substances outside of the New Orleans area. The same study reported that heroin was more common in New Orleans as well as within its suburbs.

In 2016, the DEA ā€“ the Drug Enforcement Administration ā€“ reported that fentanyl and heroin pose the most significant drug threats in the New Orleans area. This is particularly true because even agents conducting investigations and field tests involving fentanyl run a risk of suffering a drug overdose if they come in contact with the drug.

However, the DEA has urged the state of Louisiana to place their focus on heroin and New Orleans. This is because heroin has been generating greater attention by the fact that it causes more deaths than any other drug in the state.

In the rest of Louisiana, cocaine was classified as the main drug threat. This is because this drug is increasingly available both in powdered and crack form ā€“ although crack cocaine tends to be more prevalent in these parts of the state.

Although there is a risk of heroin and cocaine addiction throughout Louisiana, there is a more significant risk of local residents becoming addicted to methamphetamine. This is because the ingredients used to produce this drug are not sufficiently regulated.

The drug is also increasingly available and affordable. As a result, many youth adults have turned to it as their primary drug of choice. Further, teens in the state often prefer methamphetamine to marijuana due to its relative affordability.

Addiction Treatment in Louisiana

Although there are several facilities offering substance abuse treatment and recovery services in Louisiana, only a small fraction of addicts in the state received the rehabilitation services that they needed.

However, it is important to remember that there are several programs in Louisiana designed to help you recover from your addiction or stay sober if you have not started abusing drugs.

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