Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Michigan

Substance abuse causes many consequences to Americans everywhere, including but not limited to those living in Michigan. The problem is so widespread that SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) reported that over 24.6 million Americans – close to 10 percent of the entire population – abuse drugs and alcohol on a regular basis.

Addiction Facts in Michigan

The national struggle against substance abuse has made its way to Michigan. In particular, the state is increasingly prone to the abuse of opioid drugs. This class of drugs has claimed so many lives that it is now a state and a national epidemic.

Over the past few years, overdose deaths linked to illicit opioids and heroin have been increasing disproportionately with an increase of 6.2 and 5.9 fold respectively. In 2015 also, more than 66 percent of all drug overdose deaths reported in the state were as a result of synthetic opioids or heroin.

In 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services in Michigan reported that alcohol and drug poisoning surpassed motor car accidents as the main cause of accidental death in the state. About 90 percent of these poisonings were linked to drugs.

In 2010, the department also showed that more than 973 local residents sustained a drug overdose. About 25 percent of these were as a result of opioid analgesics – which amounted to an increase of 8.3 fold since 2002.

Although most of Michigan primarily struggles with synthetic and prescription opioids, Wayne County paints a different picture. This is not surprising considering that it houses Detroit, which is the poorest American urban area.

In this city, the main substances of abuse are cocaine and heroin. This is according to treatment admission data from the state. In many cases, crack cocaine is the main drug of abuse that causes an overdose in Michigan.

Additionally, over 16 percent of all the publicly funded admissions into addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Wayne County was linked to cocaine while 33 percent were related to heroin.

Addiction Treatment in Michigan

Effective detection, rehabilitation, and intervention can prevent most of the drug overdoses and deaths being witnessed in Michigan. The federal government also funds the state’s public treatment centers.

Addiction is one of the most complex conditions you can develop. To recover from it, you need a customized and individualized approach. Without such help, you might lose everything, including your life. This is why it is recommended that you seek help for your substance use disorder from any of Michigan’s drug rehabs before it is too late.

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