Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Minnesota

Minnesota has been hit by the drug epidemic that is currently sweeping across the rest of the United States. Today, many residents in the state struggle with the adverse consequences and effects of drug and alcohol abuse on a daily basis.

Addiction Facts in Minnesota

Opioids are the main drugs of abuse causing problems in Minnesota. However, the state’s struggle with addiction is somewhat different from the national opioid epidemic. Although most of the United States has been battling synthetic and prescription opioids, Minnesota mostly struggles with heroin abuse and addiction.

In 2015, for instance, more people were admitted into addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Minnesota for abusing heroin than for taking any other drug like marijuana. The same year, treatment admissions in the state for heroin reached 17 percent.

The state has also been grappling with a growing epidemic involving methamphetamine. 2015 treatment admissions involving this drug, for instance, exceeded the total number of admissions recorded in 2005. This led to public officials in Minnesota referring to the situation as the most dangerous level of meth abuse in the state.

Since 2000, deaths from a drug overdose have also been increasing steadily here. This goes to show that Minnesota has a serious drug problem that is often accompanied by real consequences.

Some of the comorbidities of drug and alcohol abuse in Minnesota include mental illness, depression, unemployment, homelessness, and poverty, among many others. Statistics also continue painting a disturbing picture of the ongoing fight against substance use in the state.

Addiction Treatment in Minnesota

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in Minnesota does not discriminate by socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, or gender. Although studies have documented some clear risk factors for substance use disorders, anyone can develop these conditions. At the same time, it is also important to remember that proper detection, rehabilitation, intervention, and treatment can prevent most of these problems.

Minnesota also has many facilities that offer accredited addiction recovery services. These facilities can help you overcome your substance use disorder. If you might be addicted, you should consider enrolling into these programs to get the help that you need to achieve full recovery in Minnesota.

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