Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Mississippi

While over 19 million Americans currently struggle with a substance use disorder, it is clear that Mississippians have not been left behind. In this state, drug and alcohol-related illnesses and accidents continue posing a threat to life, limb, and liberty.

Addiction Facts in Mississippi

In Mississippi as elsewhere in the United States, substance abuse and addiction do not discriminate by sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, class, or race. However, it follows different patterns in this state.

In particular, the state has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic that the federal government has been trying to resolve for several years now. The Department of Public in Mississippi has also reported that the state has one of the highest rates of prescription pain relief medications per capita.

Additionally, the CDC ā€“ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ā€“ reported that there were about 120 pain relief drugs per 100 people in Mississippi in 2012 alone. This means that everyone living in Mississippi would have had a minimum of one bottle of prescription medications.

High access to prescription pills means that there has been an increase in the numbers of illnesses and overdoses linked to these medications in the state. In 2011, for instance, Mississippi reported 1229 deaths relating to opioids. Of these people, more than 75 percent had a prescription for at least one controlled substances.

However, statistics have shown that men in Mississippi are almost twice as likely as women to lose their lives as a result of overdosing on prescription pills. It is also troubling to note that the families of prescription drug abusers are also affected in different ways. For instance, twice as many teenagers and children checked into an emergency department in the state as a result of drug poisoning than from using household products.

Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

Studies have reported that effective treatment, early intervention, and responsible prescribing behavior can prevent most of the drug problems being witnessed in Mississippi.

However, it is also important to realize that substance abuse and addiction are complex and chronic medical conditions that require ongoing support from an accredited facility. If you are addicted, you should seek out addiction treatment services in Mississippi to get the help that you need.

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