Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Montana

 Montana, like the rest of the United States, has lost many lives as a direct result of ongoing substance abuse involving both drugs and alcohol. Recent studies show that the problem does not seem to be getting any better.

Addiction Rates in Montana

The rates of prescription drug and opioid abuse in Montana are not quite as high as those on the national stage. Even so, this state is not free from the devastating effects and consequences of substance abuse.

Today, the main drug struggle in Montana involves methamphetamines. This class of drugs has been plaguing the state in spite of the effects that Montana has been taking to curb and control it.

The rates of methamphetamine abuse started rising in the 1990s and 2000s. The problem became so prevalent that Montana declared methamphetamine use a state epidemic. It also passed legislation to curb this form of substance abuse.

The Montana legislature formed the Montana Meth Project that caused a decrease in this problem. After that, it became increasingly difficult for meth producers to procure the ingredients needed to manufacture the drug.

The state has also been diverting funds to create 5 recovery centers. Additionally, the use of meth by teens has dropped by over 45 percent in recent years. Further, crimes related to this drug dropped by 62 percent from 2004 through to 2007.

Addiction Treatment Services in Montana

There seems to be issues in the existing infrastructure and approach to addiction treatment in Montana. Law enforcement officials continue believing that incarceration is a good way to get rid of the drug problem.

That said, there are several addiction treatment centers in the state that cater to people who abuse and become addicted to meth. Montana also has mental health professionals who have been trying to help residents overcome their substance use disorders.

Getting Help

If you suspect that you have a drug problem in Montana involving methamphetamine or any other intoxicating substances, you should check into any of the addiction treatment facilities in the state to get the help that you need for your addiction.

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