Alcohol and Drug Addiction in North Dakota

North Dakota is among the least populated of all American states. With a little over 700,000 residents, you might assume that this state does not have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. However, statistical figures and research studies paint a different picture.

Addiction Rates in North Dakota

North Dakota is primarily rural. Even so, it has been dealing with the same rates of substance abuse being witnessed in other American states. Among the startling drug trends is an increase in the rates of opioid overdose deaths being seen in North Dakota.

This increase seems to be fuelled by the ease of access to these medications, doctor shopping, overprescribing by doctors, and the fact that many people who are addicted to prescription opioids often move on to heroin because it is a cheaper alternative with similar effects.

The North Dakota opioid crisis has gripped the state and spurred several agencies to try and enact new measures to curb drug activity. These agencies have also been seeing to it that there are improvements in the standard of care available to opioid drug users in the state.

Even so, the social stigma that is attached to drug addiction has caused many North Dakota residents to hesitate before seeking proper addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. This is in spite of the fact that treatment is necessary for drugs like opioids that can cause a substance use disorder to spiral right out of control.

The state has also experienced an increase in the total number of drug overdose deaths for the past few years. Although North Dakota has a small population, it saw an increase of more than 36.5 percent in the total number of drug overdoses between 2014 and 2015. This was according to a report released by the Centers for Drug Control and Prevention – the CDC.

Additionally, the rates of alcohol abuse in North Dakota have been going up. From 2013 to 2014, for instance, the state had rates of 7.8 percent while the national rates were at 6.5 percent.

Addiction Treatment in North Dakota

Whether you are addicted to alcohol or to prescription opioids, it is essential that you get help for your substance use disorder. North Dakota has many facilities that can provide you with this help and ensure that you achieve full recovery.

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