Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Nebraska

Many people in Nebraska as well as in the rest of the United States start abusing drugs and/or alcohol when they are young. Millions more continue giving in to the allure of drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. This is in spite of the known consequences of ongoing substance abuse and addiction.

Addiction Rates in Nebraska

Recent epidemiological profiles for the state of Nebraska have suggested that alcohol is the biggest drug threat over the past 10 or so years. Recent reports also point out that binge drinking and alcohol drinking are quite frequent in the state – more so than on the national stage.

For instance, whereas 22 percent of American adults engage in binge drinking, about 27.5 percent of adults in the state of Nebraska binge drink. This means that there is more than a 4 percent increase in the rates of binge drinking in Nebraska than in the United States.

Other studies have reported that people in their late teens and early 20s have the highest likelihood of engaging in binge drinking in Nebraska. This age group also has the highest likelihood of getting arrested for crimes related to alcohol.

Apart from alcohol, however, Nebraskans abuse methamphetamines more than any other drug. The production of meth in Nebraska is ranked 5th in the United States – particularly for the production of crystal methamphetamine.

However, the state has been closely monitoring the substances required to manufacture this drug. Even so, those who produce meth sometimes have an easier time obtaining some of these crucial chemicals. In the same way, Mexican criminal groups have been expanding their operations into Nebraska.

The 3rd most commonly abused class of drugs in Nebraska is prescription medications. Although prescription drug abuse has been declared a national epidemic, it seems that Nebraskans have been struggling more with these drugs in comparison to people in other states.

Addiction Treatment in Nebraska

There are many laws in Nebraska that are tailored to fight the drug problem. Nebraska is like other states in the sense that it has PDMPs – prescription drug monitoring programs – in place.

The state also has many facilities and organizations that have been providing addiction treatment and rehabilitation services and advice. If you suspect that you are addicted, you should check into any of these Nebraska drug rehabs to get the help that you need.

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