Alcohol and Drug Addiction in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, like the rest of the United States, has been affected by the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic. Today, substance abuse continues costing the state in terms of addiction recovery, law enforcement, and healthcare on an annual basis.

Addiction Rates in New Hampshire

The NSDUH – the National Survey on Drug Use and Health – reports that binge drinking and alcohol abuse are among the main drug-related problems that New Hampshire faces – particularly among its adolescents and young adults.

Recent data has also shown that over 29 percent of young adults in New Hampshire between the ages of 12 and 20 report that they used alcohol within the month prior to the study. This is close to similar averages on the national level, which amount to around 33 percent.

Although the rates of alcohol abuse and dependency continue rising in New Hampshire, it also seems that other drugs like cocaine and heroin are also popular here. Scientific research now shows that heroin use is growing among local residents aged between 21 and 25. Similar figures point that more than 1000 residents checked into heroin addiction treatment centers.

CNN has also reported that opioids and other opiates are commonly abused in the state. The largest city in New Hampshire – Manchester – reported more than 75 deaths linked to opiate overdoses in 2015 alone, for instance. The same way, Naloxone was administered in Manchester, New Hampshire in more than 2000 cases involving heroin and opioid drugs the same year.

Addiction Treatment in New Hampshire

Recent statistics show that more than 25 percent of local residents report that substance abuse and addiction are the biggest problems that the state is facing. However, New Hampshire is like other states in the sense that it has been falling short in terms of substance abuse treatment and care.

The Concord Monitor, for instance, recently reported that the medical examiner’s office in New Hampshire was not able to complete its calculation of drug deaths from 2015 before figures from 2016 got to it.

New Hampshire has also been ranked 3rd among the states with the highest per capita rates of drug-related deaths in the United States. In this, it only falls behind New Mexico and West Virginia.

The state has also been trying to improve the quality of care available for people struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. There are several facilities that offer addiction treatment in New Hampshire, and you can check into any of them to get help for your substance abuse and dependence.

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