Alcohol and Drug Addiction in New Mexico

New Mexico is ranked among the top states for several drug categories. This is because the rates of substance abuse in this state are relatively higher than those witnessed in other states and ā€“ indeed ā€“ in the rest of the country.

Addiction Rates in New Mexico

New Mexico is notorious for its rates of substance abuse. Current data now ranks it second after West Virginia in terms of the total number of residents who have substance use disorders.

The Department of Health in New Mexico has also reported that the state has the 2nd highest rate of overdose deaths in the United States. Further, this department released an epidemiology report in 2016 that showed that methamphetamines, cocaine, muscle relaxants, heroin, and opioids were responsible for the highest rates of unintentional and intentional overdose in New Mexico.

At the same time, visits to emergency rooms related to opioid overdoses increased by over 100 percent over a meager 5 year period. Additionally, Rio Arriba County witnessed the highest number of such visits.

Although many high school students in New Mexico do not engage in alcohol drinking, the substance is the most commonly abused drug in the state. Alcoholism and excessive drinking also occur at higher rates than those involving prescription drug abuse.

Similarly, it seems that binge drinking is quite common among New Mexico residents above the age of 19 while most of the young teens who abuse alcohol do so in high school.

Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

New Mexico has instituted a PDMP ā€“ or a prescription drug monitoring program. Despite the efforts of this program, however, prescription drugs like opioids are still abused at high rates.

The state also has a Good Samaritan Law in place. This law is designed to protect substance abusers and witnesses who reach out for medical help in case of drug overdose. However, New Mexicans aged below 18 years are not allowed to participate in any syringe exchange program to protect themselves from sharing needles.

Even so, the state has several facilities providing addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. If you suspect that you might be addicted, you should check into one of these centers in New Mexico to get the help you require.

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