Alcohol and Drug Addiction in New York

New York has been facing unique challenges related to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. This is not entirely surprising considering that New York City, which is in this state – is among the largest cultural and commercial hubs in the entire country.

Addiction Rates in New York

New York has witnessed an increase in the total number of deaths related to opioid drugs over the past 10 years. In comparison to national averages, the state also has the highest rates of people seeking addiction treatment for abusing opioids in the entire country.

Lawmakers in New York have also been making strident efforts to try and curb the rates of substance abuse in the state. They have effected these changes by ensuring that treatment and rehabilitation services are increasingly more accessible than they used to be.

Even so, the rates of drug use and addiction continue rising – especially those involving opioid prescription medications. From 2014 to 2015, for instance, drug overdose deaths rose by more than 20.4 percent. This is according to research by the CDC – the Centers for Drug Control and Prevention.

The fact that New York – particularly New York City – boasts a dense population also means that illicit drugs are increasingly easily available and affordable. The city also handles shipments and traffic from across the globe. This means it is difficult for the state to properly scan every shipment coming in.

Although lawmakers in New York have been trying to combat drug addiction, the high population means that there are various methods of drug trafficking available in the state. This population growth has also made it difficult for law enforcement officials to curb the state’s drug epidemic.

Other reports show that the state witnessed over 1000 overdose deaths involving opioid drugs in 2014. This number was more than 4 times that reported in 2005 – which means that this is a present and ongoing trend.

Addiction Treatment in New York

The rates of admission into an addiction treatment center in New York increased across the state for people aged 12 and above. Further, Caucasian men within the 21-30 age bracket had the highest likelihood of checking into a drug rehab in New York.

Although the state has many facilities providing recovery services for addicts, illicit drugs, methamphetamine, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and prescription painkillers continue raising the drug related death toll in the state. To ensure you do not succumb to addiction, you should try and get help for your addiction in New York.

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