Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Oregon

The entire span and breadth of the United States – including seemingly innocent states like Oregon – has been grappling with the struggles of substance abuse and addiction. According to the NSDUH – the National Survey on Drug Use and Health – drug and alcohol abuse is the main reason why there are so many accidental deaths in the country.

Addiction Facts in Oregon

A Pacific Northwestern state, Oregon is not immune from the impact of substance abuse and addiction. Although the state is known for its diverse and rugged terrain, rainy climate, and beautiful coastline, it has recently come into the limelight for the drug and alcohol crisis plaguing some of its residents.

The problem is so widespread that several counties in the state are now ranked as HIDTAs – High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas. In these counties, drug use, possession, and trafficking are quite common.

Figures from 2016 show that the most significant drug threats in Oregon are prescription medications, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine. Unfortunately, illegal drug use in the state continues surpassing similar figures at the national level. For instance, Oregon was ranked 4th in the United States in terms of illicit substance abuse by young adults and teens.

In the same way, correctional facilities in Oregon house more than 47,000 at any given time. The largest population in these facilities is mostly comprised of individuals who are doing time for a drug-related offense.

Addiction Treatment in Oregon

Public education programs in the state have been attempting to stem the rates of substance abuse – especially involving methamphetamine. Most of these programs are being instituted in the high-intensity drug trafficking areas of the state. Unfortunately, meth continues affecting many residents and over 1/3 of all the individuals who check into drug rehabs here do so for abusing meth.

Apart from meth, heroin is also commonly abused in Oregon – and it also accounts for about a third of all drug rehab patients. Figures have shown that young people are increasingly abusing this highly intoxicating and addictive substance. Other statistics also point out that the deaths linked to heroin overdoses have been on the rise in recent years.

Luckily, there are several facilities that provide addiction rehabilitation and treatment services to people struggling with substance use disorders and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. If you suspect that you might have a drug or alcohol problem, you should seek treatment in Oregon so that you can achieve full recovery and turn your life around.

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