Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is like most of the American Northeast in the sense that it has been experiencing a dramatic rise in the total number of drug overdose deaths being reported in recent years. In spite of various public awareness and education programs that have been trying to fight the substance abuse menace in the state, many residents continue struggling with addictions involving various substances.

Addiction Facts in Pennsylvania

Although Pennsylvania has many addiction treatment and rehabilitation options for its residents in need of recovery services, many of these people never get the help and care that they need to overcome their addictions.

For instance, there is a treatment facility in Lake Worth that offers residents the care and hope that they require to achieve full recovery from their substance use disorders. There are also many such centers scattered across the state striving to provide effective and evidence-based rehabilitation services.

Even so, Pennsylvania continues being ranked higher than many other states for the rates of substance abuse. In particular, the state has seen a rise in the abuse of alcohol, opioid drugs, and heroin.

To counter these problems, Pennsylvania has several free drug programs and awareness and education campaigns. However, it seems that the abuse epidemic is still strong both among teens and adults.

For instance, recent statistics point out that the state lost over 3,000 residents to drug overdoses in 2015 alone. That year, the state rate of overdose deaths was at 26 fatalities for every 100,000 residents – a rate that was higher than the total national average of about 14.7 deaths for every 100,000 people.

Opioid prescriptions and heroin account for the highest rates of drug abuse and overdose deaths in Pennsylvania. Local communities are also concerned about the fact that more young people are abusing drugs at an early age.

Luckily, the naloxone program in Pennsylvania has been saving many lives since it was instituted. For instance, more than 600 lives were saved in this state between 2015 and 2016.

Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

General trends in Pennsylvania show that people of every age struggle with substance use disorders. To counter the problem, the state has several facilities that provide addiction treatment services, outreach programs, and nonprofit support. If you suspect that you might be addicted, you should consider checking into one of these facilities before it is too late.

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