Alcohol and Drug Addiction in South Carolina

South Carolina has been feeling the adverse effects of the devastating opioid epidemic plaguing the rest of the United States. In 2016, for instance, reporters showed that there was an increase in the incidents of drug deals, prescription drug abuse, and drug overdose deaths in the state.

Addiction Facts in South Carolina

However, the drug and alcohol abuse problem in the state has not been receiving the attention that it deserves. This is in spite of the fact that many local residents continue struggling with addiction in much the same way as other people living in areas with higher rates of substance trafficking, abuse, and addiction.

Even so, research studies have pointed out the fact that alcohol, methamphetamine, prescription medications, and heroin contribute to the highest rates of addiction in South Carolina.

Although there are not many data sets on alcohol, methamphetamine, and opioid abuse in South Carolina, many residents struggle with these substances on a daily basis. The great majority of these drugs come into the state from Miami and Mexico.

The state also reports that opioid overdoses cause just as many deaths as accidental road accidents and crashes. Further, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ā€“ the CDC ā€“ has stated that opioid overdose deaths in the state increased by more than 9 percent between 2014 and 2015. Additionally, media reports from 2016 showed that the percentage change is most likely higher than ever before.

Even so, the drug and alcohol abuse landscape in the state has been changing in recent years. Although methamphetamine used to be the most commonly abused substance in South Carolina, heroin has quickly been surpassing it in terms of substance abuse.

This is because the state has been cracking down on the main ingredients required to produce and manufacture methamphetamine ā€“ particularly pseudoephedrine. However, drug cartels have been increasingly marketing heroin to make up for the losses they have made from the statewide crackdown on meth.

Other opioids have also been contributing to the drug crisis in South Carolina. In 2015, for instance, more than 58 people in Charleston County lost their lives as a result of an opioid overdose while Horry County lost 80 lives the following year to this class of drugs.

Addiction Treatment in South Carolina

South Carolina is like other states in the sense that it has several facilities offering comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. If you suspect that you might have a substance use disorder, you should check into one of these facilities so that you can get the help that you need to achieve full recovery and sobriety.

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