Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Texas

Drug related deaths have been increasing over the past few years – not only in states like Texas but also in every part of the nation.  This is a worrying trend that needs to be addressed.

Addiction Facts in Texas

Although every American state has its own unique challenges with regards to alcohol and drug abuse, it seems that Texas has some of the most concerning problems. The School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin, for instance, recently released data showing that alcohol is among the main drugs of choice in the state. However, the same study reported that opioids caused the greatest number of drug overdoses.

Like the rest of the United States, the prescription opioid epidemic has hit many people in Texas. In recent years, drug overdoses involving these prescriptions eclipsed motor car accidents as the main cause of death in the state.

This is not surprising considering just how easy it is to legally obtain and use opioids in Texas. The widespread access to these drugs is among the main factors contributing to this form of substance abuse by residents.

Texas has been trying to mitigate the opioid epidemic through increasing awareness about the dangers of abusing opioid medications, educating the public, as well as providing dependable addiction counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation services.

Unfortunately, the state has several geographical concerns that have been counteracting the efforts being made to reduce and eliminate the drug abuse crisis. For instance, it shares a border with Mexico – making it among the most popular points of sale for drug traffickers.

Addiction Treatment in Texas

Both rehab facilities and law enforcement officials in Texas have realized that prescription opioids cause the largest number of drug overdose deaths in the state. At the same time, they have reported that methamphetamines are the leading cause of criminal activities linked to drugs.

For instance, the Drug Enforcement Authority – the DEA – reported that Texas saw a 37 percent increase in meth seizures from 2013 to 2015. This is dangerous considering how extremely addictive and fatal methamphetamine can be.

Today, the state has been making efforts to combat substance abuse by local residents. For instance, TONI – the Texas Overdose Naloxone Initiative – tried to address the growing opioid epidemic in the state’s capital of Austin.

Further, lawmakers passed the 2015 Senate Bill 1462 that effectively ensures that naloxone is now available to anyone who might need it while overdosing on opioid drugs in the state.

Last but not least, there are several addiction treatment and rehabilitation services available in Texas. If you are struggling with substance abuse, you should check into one of the facilities that offer these services so that you can start working your way to full recovery.

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