Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Virginia

Virginia, like the rest of the United States, has been struggling with its own substance-related problems. In particular, the rates of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have been reaching new heights in the past few years. Further, no economic or social group has been spared by this epidemic.

Addiction Rates in Virginia

Not surprisingly, Virginia has not escaped the various problems linked with substance abuse and addiction. Although there are many concerning drugs of abuse in the state, alcohol seems to have taken center stage in this epidemic.

Even so, the rates of binge drinking in Virginia were at 21.95 percent in this state at a time when the national average for these rates were set at 22.92 percent. However, these numbers are high enough for them to be a major cause of concern.

Further, alcohol is one of the most available and accessible substances in the state. At the same time, binge drinking has been creating problems in Virginia – both for drinkers and those who do not drink but get affected by the behavior and actions of intoxicating people.

Statistics from 2015 also show that more than 6.49 percent of local residents struggle with alcohol use disorders. This rate is just slightly lower than the total national average of about 6.7 percent.

The largest segment of the population that has been affected by alcohol abuse and addiction includes people between 18 and 25 years old. Additionally, the state has witnessed a rise in the total percentage of adolescents and children who abuse alcohol and develop addiction as a result.

Apart from alcohol, the most popular substances of abuse in Virginia are psychotherapeutic medications, prescription drugs, and marijuana. Over the past few years, many more local residents have developed dependence on these drugs and to alcohol.

Addiction Treatment in Virginia

The state has also seen a rise in the total number of deaths linked to prescription opioid pain relief medications and heroin. In 2016, for instance, Virginia lost a total of 882 lives to these substances.

Similarly, the rate of overdose incidents has been rising substantially. This has prompted the state of Virginia to look for new ways to deal with the problem before it gets further out of hand.

For instance, Virginia has a naloxone program that now ensures that people who are undergoing an opioid-related drug overdose get the help that they need to reverse their condition.

Finally, there are several facilities that provide addiction treatment and rehabilitation services in the state. If you suspect or know that you might be struggling with a substance use disorder, you can check into any of these centers to get the help that you need in Virginia.

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