Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Vermont

Until about 2014, motor car accidents in Vermont were the leading cause of death. Since then, however, opioid drug overdoses have eclipsed these accidents as the main cause of accidental death in the state.

Although there are many illicit drugs causing issues for individuals, communities, healthcare industries, and law enforcement officials in Vermont, it seems that prescription opioid drugs are the deadliest substances being abused by local residents.

Addiction Facts in Vermont

Vermont has been displaying some worrying drug-related trends over the past few years. In 2013, for instance, the state was ranked the highest in the entire country for the abuse of illicit substances. That year alone, about 15 percent of its residents reported that they had used illicit drugs in the month prior to a study.

One of the main reasons why drug abuse is such a major problem in Vermont is because the state is located close to large cities like Boston and New York. This means that it is easy for drug traffickers to access the state from these cities – and they often bring it drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

Even so, it seems that the drug problem in the state is linked to prescription opioids. Like the rest of the country, Vermont has seen an increase in the total number of drug sales involving these legal opioids. This has corresponded to the growing rate of accidental drug overdose deaths being reported statewide.

From 2004 to 2015, for instance, the total number of drug overdose deaths involving opioids more than doubled in this state. Unfortunately, most of these deaths could have been prevented with the right approach.

Addiction Treatment in Vermont

Lawmakers in Vermont have been trying to address the rising numbers of drug overdose deaths being reported in the state. They have, for instance, enacted several measures designed to provide robust addiction treatment to people in need of it.

Further, the state has re-evaluated the tactics that law enforcement officials take while trying to combat crimes involving illicit drugs. For instance, Vermont offers more than the Good Samaritan laws available in other states. It has gone as far as offering immunity from any drug related charge to people who report drug overdoses while trying to save a life in the state. Additionally, naloxone is now available as an over the counter drug in Vermont.

Last but not least, Vermont has many facilities offering addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. If you have a substance use disorder, you should check into one of these centers to get the help that you need.

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